As a full service Visual Art agency we work with Artists in need of career development - similar to how galleries develop careers , but we are not a gallery. We are here to work with you and your exhibition venues. 

Our management includes coordinated marketing efforts through multi-media channels, exhibition placement and project development, opportunity identification, competitions selection, contract negotiation and collector outreach. 


Your brand is your art and we help communicate that through medley of media out there. 

Our creative directors, designers and members will work with you on developing effective and memorable social media and traditional campaigns for your art, your exhibitions and your art products. 

We will help you increase your awareness, relationships and traffic through modern communication reaching your specific demographics.

Art Concierge

Art should be accessible, the process of collecting art should not be intimidating. But it's a big art world, so we are here to help and make this process seamless. 

Services include: 

  • Connecting you with the right artist(s) for your project.
  • Art work leasing for an event or set design.
  • Collection curation.
  • Appraisals for insurance, estate and IRS charitable donations. 
  • Art Tours at international fairs.